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Oklahoma Forestry Association
The Oklahoma Forestry Association is a non-profit, privately supported association of citizens concerned with the forest environment. Comprised of conservation minded landowners, citizens and forest industry, OFA's purpose is to promote and encourage the wise use and stewardship of Oklahoma's woodland resources for society now and in the future. To that end, the association supports numerous causes and projects throughout the state for the betterment of forestry, including official sponsorship of The Great Trees of Oklahoma. Any person or organization concerned with improving Oklahoma forests is welcome to be a member of the Oklahoma Forestry Association. Simply contact us by calling (580) 286-3970, or write: Oklahoma Forestry Association, P.O. Box 238, Idabel, OK 74745. Dues are Tax Deductible!

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry, Forestry Services
For the past 75 years, Forestry Services has provided quality assistance to Oklahomans through a wide array of programs and services. Forestry Services mission is to serve the citizens of Oklahoma by protecting, improving and developing the State's forest resources, and to enhance the benefits to society from those resources. To do this, the division maintains offices throughout the state, with foresters available to assist citizens with their forest and individual tree concerns. Many of Oklahoma's Champion Trees were discovered and reported by foresters, technicians and rangers employed by Forestry Services. The list itself is maintained and has been published by this agency for several years in cooperation with the Oklahoma Forestry Association. To contact a forester call the State Headquarters office in Oklahoma City at (405) 522-6158.

This web site is based on a publication developed and designed by John Burwell, Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Forestry Services.

Send comments and suggestions about the website to Dr. Lou Anella at Oklahoma State University.

Keeper of the List

For the past 10 years, Oklahoma's Champion tree list has been kept by Bob McCord. Bob is Forest Fire Control Officer for the Oklahoma Forestry Services Northeast Fire Protection Area, headquartered in Talequah. Much gratitude is owed to Bob for the work he has done to organize and maintain the list.